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West Fork Dark Roast Drip Coffee

Origins: Colombia, Sumatra, Ethiopia

For those who seek a dark roast with depth and sophistication, our West Fork Dark Roast Drip Coffee is your gateway to an elevated coffee experience. Crafted from a blend of Colombian, Sumatran, and Ethiopian beans, it's the choice for discerning coffee lovers who desire complexity beyond mass-market options.


Tasting Notes:

🔥 Cinder Body: Immerse yourself in the smoldering intensity of cinder body, delivering a dark and robust character that lingers on the palate.

🍬 Brown Sugar: Discover the sweet and nuanced tones of brown sugar, adding a subtle layer of sweetness that complements the dark roast profile.

🍷 Red Wine Acidity: A touch of red wine acidity imparts a hint of sophistication, balancing the deep flavors with a tantalizing tartness.


West Fork Dark Roast Drip Coffee is more than a morning pick-me-up; it's a journey into the world of refined dark roasts. Elevate your coffee experience with its nuanced flavors that rival and surpass those of enterprise-level coffee companies.

West Fork Blend

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