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Ethiopian Iced Coffee Blend

Origins: Harrar, Yirgacheffe

Experience the taste of the Ethiopian highlands in every refreshing sip of our Ethiopian Iced Coffee Blend. Originally crafted for iced coffee using the Japanese flash brew method, this blend has also become a favorite for pour-over style coffees at home.


Tasting Notes:

🍋 Lemon Acidity: Bright and zesty, the lemon acidity adds a refreshing and invigorating kick to your iced coffee.

🍓 Berry Tones: Delight in the subtle nuances of berry tones that intertwine with each other, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors.

🥤 Juicy Finish: As you savor the last drop, relish the juicy finish that leaves your palate longing for more.


Our Ethiopian Iced Coffee Blend is a journey to the heart of Ethiopia's coffee heritage, offering a vibrant and unique coffee experience with every glass. Whether iced or pour-over, it's a true taste of Ethiopia in every sip.

Ethiopian Blend

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