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East Fork Drip Coffee

Origins: Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Nicaragua

Join the countless coffee enthusiasts who have fallen in love with our East Fork Drip Coffee, a blend that stands at the pinnacle of our craft. Crafted from a harmonious blend of Mexican, Papua New Guinean, and Nicaraguan beans, it has earned its place as our shop's most beloved drip coffee.


Tasting Notes:

🍊 Orange: Immerse yourself in the bright and zesty notes of orange that greet your palate with every sip, awakening your senses.

🌿 Clove: A hint of clove adds a warm and spicy complexity, providing a tantalizing contrast to the citrusy brightness.

🍫 Cocoa: The rich, velvety presence of cocoa envelopes your taste buds, leaving a satisfying and indulgent finish.


East Fork Drip Coffee is more than a daily ritual; it's an experience to savor. Join the ranks of our loyal customers who have made it their go-to choice and elevate your coffee journey with each cup.

East Fork Blend

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