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Swiss Water Processed Decaf

Origin: Colombia

For those seeking a decaffeinated option that doesn't compromise on flavor, our Swiss Water Processed Decaf from Colombia is a delightful choice. Crafted with care to preserve the essence of great coffee, it offers a taste that rivals its caffeinated counterparts.


Tasting Notes:

🌲 Cedar: Experience the inviting and woody notes of cedar, creating a soothing and aromatic profile.

🍯 Honey-Like Sweetness: Delight in the gentle and natural sweetness that mirrors the warmth of honey, adding a comforting touch to every sip.

🍫 Dark Chocolate: Revel in the rich and indulgent flavor of dark chocolate, bringing depth and complexity to your decaffeinated coffee experience.


Our Swiss Water Processed Decaf is a testament to the fact that you can enjoy the full-bodied taste of coffee without the caffeine. Savor the comforting and rich flavors, knowing that each cup is a perfect balance of decaffeination and indulgence.


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